Activity Analytics

Digital campaigns are activities run by brands or companies on various social media platforms with the aim of increasing brand awareness or building connection with their audience.

Matamaya’s activity analytics is a digital campaign tool that is able to track the performance of your marketing campaigns and your activities on social media channels. This tool helps you get quick results and analyze your audience’s responses towards your campaigns based on KPIs, as well as measuring the effectiveness of your campaigns.

Monitor Your Campaign Performance

Activity analytics allows you to monitor the performance of your digital campaigns, as well as obtaining results of your campaign performance quickly, so it can be improved to reach your KPI targets. The whole information including data that you need will be presented in a visual and graphical display that is easy to read.

Get Detailed Reports Easily

Matamaya can help you and your team create reports without involving much effort. The result of your campaign analysis will be displayed in an automatic report which helps you save your time and ease your workload. This report can be downloaded in XLS format or PPT format.

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