Listening Analytics

Hashtags and keywords play a significant role on social media because they contribute to delivering your brand message to your audience, so you can make them connected with one another through certain topics related to your campaign or your product. However, do you have much time to track all of your hashtags and keywords at the same time?

Matamaya’s analytics tool is able to track the performance of hashtags and keywords that you have optimized, as well as discovering audience’s conversations in real time. 

Matamaya’s social media listening analytics can help you get accurate data from various social media channels through hashtags and keywords. This tool allows you to analyze your audience’s discussions including their responses, as well as their interest in your brand or your campaign.

Monitor Your Hashtag & Keyword performance

Social media listening tool helps you measure your hashtag and keyword performance based on the popularity of your hashtags, engagement hashtags, even the conversations had by your audience. The whole information including data that you need will be presented in a visual display that is easy to read.

Observe and Analyze Competitors' Hashtags & Keywords

Social media listening tool helps you gain information about your competitors’ performance based on their hashtags and keywords. This particular benefit of using Matamaya can help you optimize your hashtag and keyword performance, as well as supporting you to compete with other marketers.

Get Detailed Reports Easily

Matamaya can help you and your team create reports without involving much effort. The result of your hashtag and keyword analysis will be displayed in an automatic report which helps you save your time and ease your workload. This report can be downloaded in XLS format or PPT format.

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