Influencer Analytics

When it comes to developing your digital strategy, your social media performance is not the only thing that needs to be considered. You also have to find a perfect public figure that your audience wants to see. Our influencer analytics tool helps you observe and optimize the performance of your brand’s influencer based on your digital strategy.

Monitor Your YouTube Channel Performance
Matamaya's Influencer Analytics helps you measure profile statistics, engagement, and social sentiment on various platforms. Moreover, you can analyze Influencers’ pages based on the conversations of your audience by using our sentiment analytics tool. Our tool also helps you gain factual information which will be presented in a visual and graphical display that is easy to read.

Observe Competitors’ Activities
You can monitor or even compare your digital strategy to your competitors’ strategies and their digital activities based on your audience’s interests along with their habits including the number of followers, total number of views, locations, and the average amount of engagement rate. 

Get Detailed Reports Easily
Matamaya makes it easy for your team to create reports. The result of your influencer analysis on all platforms will be displayed in an automatic report which helps you save your time and ease your workload. These reports can be downloaded in XLS format or PPT format.


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