Tiktok Analytics

Keeping up with social media is not easy, therefore, we created Matamaya to help marketers run digital strategies on various social media platforms.

Matamaya provides TikTok Analytics that can assist you to easily track, analyze, and optimize your TikTok channel. Our TikTok analytics tool works properly which helps you develop digital strategies for all industries, marketing agencies, and brands.

Monitor Your TikTok Performance
Matamaya provides TikTok analytics that helps you understand your audience by measuring profile statistics, engagement, hashtags, and the number of times your videos are played. This information will be presented in a visual and graphical display that is easy to read.

Observe Competitors’ Activities
You can monitor and compare your digital strategy to your competitors’ based on audience’s interests along with their habits including the number of followers, total number of views, locations, reach and the average amount of engagement rate.

Get Detailed Reports Easily
Matamaya makes it easy for your team to create reports. The result of your TikTok analysis will be displayed in an automatic report which helps you save your time and ease your workload. These reports can be downloaded in XLS format or PPT format.


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