Instagram Analytics

Have you used an analytics tool to monitor your social media performance? Is the tool able to help you develop your digital strategy?

Once you use the right analytics tool, you can track your social media performance which is a good start to improve or develop your digital marketing strategy on various platforms. 

Matamaya's Instagram analytics allows you to obtain actual data about the performance of your Instagram to achieve your marketing success as well as increasing your ROI. These data will be collected so you can easily analyze them by using one analytics tool.

Monitor Your Instagram Performance

Instagram analytics tool measures your engagement, reach, impressions, hashtags, social sentiment, and audience’s conversations. This tool gives you important data that can help you improve your digital marketing strategy on Instagram. The whole information including data that you need will be presented in a visual and graphical display that is easy to read.

Observe and Analyze Competitors’ Instagram

Instagram analytics tool helps you monitor your competitors’ performance on Instagram based on their total number of followers, the amount of posts, their total reach, impressions, as well as their engagement. This particular benefit of using Matamaya can help you optimize your Instagram’s performance and compete with other marketers.

Get Detailed Reports Easily

Matamaya can help you and your team create reports without involving much effort. The result of your Instagram analysis will be displayed in an automatic report which helps you save your time and eases your workload. This report can be downloaded in XLS format or PPT format.


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