about us

about us

Matamaya is a tool that monitors your social media performance and

improve your digital campaign.

Matamaya is a social media monitoring tool that gives your team a huge contribution to achieving your digital strategy objectives on various platforms. We created Matamaya to help you grow your brand and improve its performance. Besides developing your strategy on social media, Matamaya is capable of expanding your enterprise network and discovering your customers’ needs.

Matamaya believes that the foundation of your brand success lies in your engagement with your audience and the way you manage your social media.


What You Get from Us


Obtaining Assistance in Every Journey of Your Digital Strategy

Implementing a strategy for your social media can be overly difficult. 
Matamaya assists you in every digital journey of yours, such as providing you with consumer insight when you start building your brand and observing your social media performance to see if your digital strategy needs to be improved or optimized. Our tool will keep an eye on your brand no matter what stage it is at.


Accurate Consumer Insight

Our listening tool helps you get actual data on what your customers need, what they want to see, and what they like to hear from your brand, even reveal what they like about your competitors. This feature makes you able to see what type of content that your prospects love which is the key to nailing your social media content strategy. 


Managing Multiple Platforms

Analyzing your performance across multiple social media platforms is no longer hard. We are able to monitor your digital performance on different social media platforms at a time with our smart monitoring tool. These platforms include Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, Twitter, and Youtube


Comprehensive Reports

Matamaya’s tool help your team create reports that include comprehensive data on the performance of your social media. You are also able to download the reports in a graphic form so you can save your time and be less overwhelmed by report writing.

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